Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I am a Mommy of multiples(M.O.M.) and proud of it!  Does having two babies at once make me better than other Mommies, of course it does.  Okay, okay, I'm not better than other Mommies BUT having multiples is an amazing blessing not everyone gets to experience.  With that said, I was not thrilled when I learned I was having twins, shocking I know.  Rarely do I speak with a non-multiple Mommy, or female for that matter, who doesn't say, "I always wanted twins."  Well I didn't. 

My husband is a fraternal twin (more on this conversational trump card later), and therefore anyone and everyone felt the need to joke about the possibility I was carrying twins.  *News flash, paternal genes have nothing to do with the possibility or probablity of twins.*    Anyhow, the day we headed to my 20 week ultrasound I told Matt we were having twins, he thought I was joking...I wasn't.  Less than an hour later two little heads appeared on the screen and as usual, I was right.  Matt was thrilled, me, not so much.  Oh how I wished I had been wrong, a first time for everything I know.

As the pregnancy and my waistline, progressed I eventually accepted and then embraced my fate.  While not a huge believer in fate, the moment I saw my little men, I knew I was meant to be a M.O.M.  They were perfect, albeit a little alien looking. (My boys were born premature at 33+3, weighed in at 4lbs 4oz and 4lbs 2oz, yet only hospitalized for 16 days.)  My love for them, both of them, was instantaneous. 

Being a M.O.M. has it's own set of challenges, one of the biggest being the dreaded public outing.  Did you know everyone has a family member, friend, co-worker or aquaintance that has multiples. If you didn't, you soon will and they will feel the need to tell you this.  This is where my trump card comes into play.  When a perfect stranger comes up to me and begins to tell me her sisters nephews son twice removed has twins, I simply say really?  Their Dad is a twin too.  End of conversation.  So whether or not you or your spouse is a twin, I suggest you lie and pretend you are.  Horrible, but so useful.

I still don't quite understand why women want to have multiples, but everyday I am thankful I do. I truly can not imagine one without the other, nor can I imagine my life being any other way. So different, yet to alike, my boys are my sun, my moon, and along with my stars (my daughter and husband), my world.

More on being a M.O.M another time, this Mommy needs her sleep after all tomorrow I am blessed enough to spend my day with 'double the trouble.'

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