Friday, 17 June 2011

My 'Special' Child

Reading through my previous posts, I can't believe I have yet to mention my 'special' child...we all have one, the husband.  When he is sick, the world is ending.  When he is tired, the world is ending.  When he is hungry, the world has ended.  Just like my other children, he needs love and attention.  Thankfully, my toddlers are around to let me know what he has been up to.  He may deny it, but when it's two against one, more often than not, majority rules!

Unlike my other children, this one does not need constant supervision.  In fact, when left to his own devices, his alter ego, superdad surfaces.  He is free of inhibitions when it comes to playing with his, and other children.  He is a monkey, horse, monster, whatever being it takes to solicit a laugh.  He is an expert at changing diapers (I swear his nose has an on/off switch), the master of disguise (has been known to paint his nails to please his kids) and the tickle monster (he can make them laugh just by looking at them.)  It is his childlike nature, that makes this 'special' child, all I could ever have hoped for in a Daddy for my kids.

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