Thursday, 23 June 2011

My affair

Before I had my kids, I was a shopaholic.  I had a love affair with clothes.  I loved them and they loved me.  It was a win-win relationship in my books.  The clothes were lucky enough to have a good home, an owner who lovingly took care of them, cherished them even.  Sadly, the affair had to come to an end. 

I had to end it, to say goodbye.  It was not an easy break, but I was sure to let them know, it wasn't them, it was me.  They had been good to me, treated me right and made me feel good about myself.  I, on the otherhand, was no longer treating them with the care or respect they deserved.  My beautiful clothes were left alone in my dark closet, for they had been replaced.

I couldn't bear to tell them I was replacing them with the more comfortable, convienent and affordable combo of t-shirts and track pants.  No, that would have been much to harsh.  Instead, I gradually removed them one by one to ease the transition.  I'm sure they knew what was happening, wondering who was going to be next.  Sadly, everyone had to go.

The pain and heartbreak were however, shortlived. With three children to shop for, a new affair was just beginning and this one would last 18-life!

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